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Welcome to the Digital Tachograph Simulator
This application has been designed with you in  mind, to enable road hauliers to acquaint themselves and practise with the  digital tachographs that have just appeared on the market. Please find the time  to read these directions, which will be of help to you when using the tool.
As you will see, the programme will ask you to  select a number of options before you start to use it. You will be asked to  indicate whether you wish to drive a bus or a lorry and which tachograph maker  you are going to use. Other options concern the way in which you are going to  use the application.
How to use the application
On the one hand, you can choose different operational  modes, depending in the types of card available in the simulation. If you are a  driver, all you need to do is load the Operational Mode. The Company Mode will  prove useful to the self-employed and SME managers, whose scope of obligations  includes the management of the information contained in the tachograph in  compliance with legal regulations. The Control Mode has been designed to enable  you to familiarise yourself with the possibilities of downloading data and the  inspections carried out by the authorities.
On the other hand, you can decide how you wish  to use the simulator. Essentially, there are two ways of using it: one consists  in using the  demo sequences; and the other, in using it interactively as if it  were a real tachograph. Similar to a video, the demonstration sequences  progressively introduce the various functions and characteristics of digital  tachographs. We recommend you to execute all the demo sequences to find out  about the possibilities available on your tachograph; and, perhaps more  importantly, to understand many of the aspects related to regulations and what  you should and should not do when using the tool.
Although the sequences will enable you to gain  a degree of in-depth knowledge about the digital tachograph, it is essential  that you practise with it. It is for this purpose that the simulator has been  equipped with an Interactive Mode. Thanks to this tool, you will find the  answers to many of the questions you are likely to have about the sequences.
The interactive simulator
The interactive simulator is an environment  with several areas in which you may act and/or see information.
In the lower part, you will find the digital tachograph, made up of a display, a keypad, two slots in which to insert the  cards and a space to house the roll of paper used for printouts.
Just above, you will see an area which  simulates the basic controls of the vehicle in which this tachograph would be  installed; namely, an ignition key to activate and deactivate the service key  (or switch on and disconnect the engine), an accelerator and a brake. To one  side, you will see a time multiplier, a cursor which is moved by the mouse and  will enable you to make the simulation go much faster at certain times. It is  particularly useful when you want to simulate complete work periods or even  skim across several work periods. This area also includes a button with  instructions for inserting cards into the tachograph.
In this area, you will find complementary  information where, in one glance, you will see a speedometer and two bars  indicating the continuous driving period and the cumulative break time. The  colours with which the bars are filled during a simulation will tell you  whether the times are adequate or not. For instance, in the case of continuous driving,  the accumulated period is green until four and a quarter hours are up; yellow  from then on; and red after four and a half hours, as this would mean an  infringement of regulations. For cumulative break time, the colour is initially  yellow as it is not enough to restart the counter of a new, continuous driving  period. However, after 45 minutes, it turns green because, according to  regulations, this is enough break time to restart a driving period.
The information is completed with the time and the date when the simulation takes place and the amount of time elapsing since  commencement. Bear in mind that, when using the time multiplier, the time may  differ from real time as shown on your PC.
The simulator provides a number of pointers,  aimed not only at understanding how the instrument works but also at a clearer  interpretation of regulations.
In practice, the display is the main way in  which the tachograph will communicate with you. The simulator offers you the  possibility of pressing on each of the various displays so as to understand the  meaning of what the tachograph is telling you at a given moment. A window and a  banner will give you a brief explanation of the content.  Additionally, in some cases, you can obtain  further information by using the hyperlinks appearing in bold inside these  windows. By clicking on them with the mouse, you may obtain additional  information on usage, such as, for instance, the meaning of the pictograms, a  list of places where the tachograph may be used, definitions of certain terms,  possible events and so on.
Whenever you cannot understand something that  appears on the tachograph screen, please remember to click on the display with  the mouse to receive help.
The simulator also provides other facilities to  ensure that its use is a positive experience.   Particularly worth mentioning are the simulator window, located  top-right, and the suggestions window, situated bottom-right.
The simulator window is a message or event  window. It will provide an explanation of many of the things that may happen in  the course of the tachograph's use; for instance, the purpose of the alarms,  the reason for unexpected or automatic changes, etc. We recommend you to take a  regular look at this window so as to gain a full understanding of how the  tachograph works.
The suggestion window will give you constant  advice as to which keys or which actions may be the most recommendable,  depending on each situation. 
At this point, it would be a good idea to  mention the help available when making data printouts. On-screen printouts or  paper print-outs are one of the ways in which the digital tachograph extracts a  summary of the information stored both in the tachograph and on cards; for  instance, during a control or simply for the purpose of analysis by the driver  or the manager. Either in the sequences or by interaction, you will see that  much of the information contained in these reports requires interpretation.  With this end in view, a printout  help system has been designed, essential when trying to understand content and  getting used to reading such reports. This printout help is requested by  clicking on the printout strip with the mouse to open the windows which explain  the content of the various locks while you listen to the commentary.
Lastly, it is worth noting that, when working  with the tool, if you use the mouse on certain buttons or slots, you will find  a number of temporary pointers as to how these buttons may be used. 
Limitations to the simulator's functioning 
Please take into account that this application  is a tool designed to train and inform and that in no way does it seek to  substitute the full functioning capacities of a real digital tachograph.  Accordingly, a situation may occasionally arise in which the simulator's  performance differs from that of a real tachograph made by the same  manufacturer, or there exist functions which are not implemented.
To give a couple of examples, in the real  operation of tachographs, no driver may access the personal identification  records of other drivers, who will come out blank data printouts, with  incomplete identification numbers. Likewise, in the Company Mode, if lock-ins  are made, no other company may access drivers' activities while the lock-in is  active. These two cases, along with some others, are not implemented in the  digital tachograph simulator because the information has been presented in a  simpler manner so as to facilitate training. 
IT requirements
PIII at 500 MHz or more 
  128 Mb RAM 
  300 Mb free space on disk (only in the case of  downloading)
  W98, W2k or XP
  Internet Explorer, Version 5.X or later
Users are recommended to activate the  loudspeaker on their PC so as to hear the simulator's commentaries. In any  event, the commentaries are a literal reproduction of the banners appearing in  the windows. 
Conditions of use of this application
It is the intention of the Spanish Ministry of  Public Works to help users, i.e., road hauliers, to learn to operate the  digital tachograph, providing all the information available so as to ensure its  successful implantation. Nevertheless, the following conditions of use should  be taken into account:
The Spanish Ministry of Public Works reserves  the rights of reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication,  maintenance, rectification of errors, assignment, sale, rental, lending and  whatsoever other intellectual copyright or industrial property right to which  it may be entitled as to the content of this IT tool. It is forbidden for third  parties to exercise the aforementioned rights, irrespectively of the means or  manner in which they were to arise, without the prior written consent of the  Spanish Ministry of Public Works. This development is governed by Spanish law  and is protected by Spanish and international laws concerning intellectual  copyright and industrial property rights. The content of this tool, i.e., text,  images, signs, graphs, and so on, is classified as a computer programme and as  such, all Spanish regulations in force are applicable to it.
The Spanish Ministry of Public Works does not  accept responsibility for any possible unintentional errors which may exist in  the tool, or for any technical problems, mechanical failures or viruses in the  IT systems (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files stored  in the IT equipment and produced during connection to the Internet, either  through the Spanish Ministry of Public Works' website or through the websites  of third parties. Moreover, it shall not be responsible for any possible  infringements concerning intellectual copyright or industrial property rights  as may be committed by any user of this tool. 
The Spanish Ministry of Public Works reserves  the right to modify the content and components which form part of this IT tool  and may do so without giving prior notification thereof, as and when it deems  fitting, in accordance with the performance of its functions.
The exclusive purpose of the tool is to provide  training for users of the digital tachograph and accordingly, it does not  reproduce all the characteristics of real devices. The Spanish Ministry of  Public Works declines all responsibility for undue use other than that of  exclusive training activity.
Users of this tool may download, view and print  the information contained, solely and exclusively for personal, non-commercial  purposes.


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